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Friends with Benefits

In layman’s terms, Sage City is like a hybrid of education, social media and networking all in one event. Don’t get left in the dust or you may end up like this guy –

can I be your friend?

There are great business relationship benefits that you get from networking events where you meet other people who share similar common interests, goals and expertise as you. To access these benefits you have to get out from behind that desk of yours and go to places like Sage Summit “A place where networking actually works”, also known as Sage City where you can take your Big Idea to a Small Village. I quite enjoy attending round table product sessions and discussing the product I’m using or interested in with like-minded users. From what I gather, I will get my fix by attending a village at Sage City.

At Sage City on Tuesday August 14th at 3:30pm, we will all explore numerous villages based on the top business interests of Sage Summit attendees (Customers, Partners and Staff). Villages provide the primary means for Sage to organize attendees into groups with common goals, backgrounds, challenges, and perspectives. Sage City aims to place similar customers by product, interest, and hot topics in small groups to create meaningful, long-lasting connections. (sounds a bit like marriage, no? Well maybe not the small groups part!)

Hot topics will be determined through several means, including surveys prior to and during registration, social media tools, Facewall, and more. The number of hot topics will vary from village to village and will be displayed on their chat walls. What are chat walls you ask? Well, there will be white-board style signs that will be displayed at each village. This is where the collaboration will happen, you can give solutions and get answers all in one place, a village working together.

Speaking of villages, remember where’s waldo? That’s what I will be asking when I am trying to find YOU (yeah you!) at this conference if you are not on Facewall. You will definitely know where to find me. Maybe I’ll be a village Host, maybe not. I guess you will have to wait to find out won’t you? Hopefully by the time I finish writing this blog someone will have won the 100th facewall sign up and receive a gift certificate to the Grand Ole Opry! It’s super easy, all you do is set up your profile during the registration process!

Bianca Lightheart

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To all my fellow Graduates who attended Prom (AKA Simply Partnership 2011) it’s time to put all the glitz and glam of Vegas behind us and our yearbooks away. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well, maybe for the engineers who crashed our party, or the pink flamingo girls. Put your caps back on because it isn’t over yet. Sage has plans, big plans. Big plans that involve Country Music, a 5K walk/run, hands on learning, World Class Speakers and Sage City to name a few.

Time to pack your bags again but this time for the big leagues, Sage Summit! What is this you might ask? Well it’s the best conference on the planet. So I hear. But I’m not one for learning through the grapevine. I’m honing my inner cowgirl and I’m saddling up for Nashville in fact, I’ve already registered and booked my flight. There is no easy way to get there from Canada, I’ll tell you that much.

Now you may think I’m a little eager, excited, spontaneous, but no. I’m thinking ahead, I got the early bird discount and went on a payment plan so that I can make the best out of my First Sage Summit.

So what does Sage have in store for us now? If you are a Sage partner and a first-timer to Summit, look no further.

Choosing a hotel can be a tad challenging which is why I really enjoyed reading Brad Hartz‘s blog on The Biosphere. If I’m going to experience this first hand then I’ll definitely have to stay at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, besides that is where my roommate wants to stay as well.

Let’s get down to business, so what Sessions do I register for? Conveniently for me, there are two partner tracks– the first is for Product Skills which includes hands on learning sessions for Sage products as well as other solutions that integrate with Sage Applications and second, Business Skills track with workshops to expand your skills in your area of expertise both of which will be extremely valuable in my business.

And what better to do after class then meet up with cowboys fellow partners, first-timers, Alumni, and Sage employees? I hear that there will be a mobile App coming out this month so we can all stay in touch while conference”ing”. Oh and who needs facebook when you have facewall. Come check everyone out.