My First Year in Business

Starting a business is an exciting time, and establishing your financial records and bookkeeping system should be one of the first orders of business.  You will need to establish a separate bank account, put together a filing system, decide how to Invoice your clients. These are all parts of your business strategy. Come to this seminar to learn the different financial statements your company will need. Gain an understanding of the components and difference between the balance sheet, the income statement and understand what a cash flow statement is. Learn how daily business transactions affect your financial statements and review CRAs requirements for record keeping.

For more information, and to register, visit Small Business BC.

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  1. Sue, I followed the link fromt he Sage Lady coemnmt on the guest post I did on the Sage website.Little did I know that browsing your blog I would learn something new! I didn’t know you could type so little and get the right Date in Sage- these are the kind of quick tips I love as they are never taught in the re-accreditaion exams, like the removing columns I mentioned in my blog.I don’t know if you are on LinkedIn but there is a group for Sage UK Business Partners and Staff where I started a thread about blogging I am going to post the link to your blog there as I think others will find it useful.

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