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Nov 10, 2020


From that first super-informative course you taught at Small Business BC ‘My First Year in Business – A Financial Overview’  I realized how important bookkeeping is to creating a successful business.  You showed genuine interest in helping people get their business off on the right foot.

As my bookkeeper, you kept me on track of my books by coaching me in QBO and keeping track of my invoices and receipts (messy job). You also coached me through profit and loss reports, monthly account reconciliation and general bookkeeping detective work when numbers aren’t matching. In addition, you basically held my hand though milestones like setting up and paying PST and GST.  You helped keep the paper trail straightforward with my truck loan  and eventual purchase. With your skill and guidance, I am confident that nothing has been overlooked and my business is in good order. That, I can truthfully say, would not have happened without you!


Sept 2, 2020


To whom it may concern,

We are very pleased to be able to recommend Dianne Mueller for the work she has done for Maplewood Sales and Brokerage over the past 7 years.

Since 2013, Dianne has advised us on efficient ways of streamlining many of our A/P, A/R, Payroll and tax filing processes.  Her knowledge of Sage Accounting Software and all bookkeeping and accounting procedures has improved all aspects of our business as it related to our needs and our future growth.

Dianne’s commitment to helping our company move forward and achieve our financial goals is exemplary and we wholeheartedly recommend her services and counsel.


Sue Collins
Managing Partner
Maplewood Sales and Brokerage Inc.


On behalf of our board of directors, members and staff at the West
Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, would like to extend a warm thank you
to Simply Soma for taking care of our bookkeeping needs for more than 10

From training our staff to ensuring our books were up to date, they have
been instrumental in keeping our not-for-profit society in great shape. We
have always appreciated their professional expertise and that of their staff.
The Chamber staff has enjoyed their friendly approach, willingness to
answer any question and generosity in sharing bookkeeping tips.

With appreciation and kindest regards,

Gabrielle Loren, President
West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

November 4th, 2014

Dear Dianne et al:

Thanks again for your help this morning. As always, you made what I felt was a stressful and complicated bookkeeping moment into a painless endeavor.

But more, I want to take this opportunity to offer my sincere appreciation for mentoring me so deftly over the years.  I initially called you when we were first opening our business, over five years ago now, and you helped me set up the books for our store perfectly.  It was all new to me and you gently and calmly guided me through mishaps and mayhem as I learned the bookkeeping ropes.  Having a Point of Sale system that linked with Sage made everything just a little more complicated and your cool head prevailed when I sometimes thought mine was going to implode.  Every issue was addressed perfectly with your guidance.  Having you as a teacher has meant that I need to call you less and less and yet when I do feel the need to call, as I did this morning, you and Chris are right there for me as if no time has passed.

I had to laugh the other day when I had a bookkeeper into my office to assist with a minor issue.  When we finished up she actually offered me a job!  I thought to myself… ”Well, that’s all thanks to Dianne!”  Not that I want another job…I’m still pretty busy with our store…but what I realized is that here I am five years later and not only have I become comfortable and confident using Sage, I actually know a lot more than I think I do!  Thanks to you.

All the best with your recent move to Gibson’s Landing.  I’m sure we’ll be talking again sometime soon.

Warm Regards,

Sandra Beggs


Back in 2006, Dianne Mueller initially acted as a consultant / trainer for the Simply Accounting package used by Horizon Engineering Inc. Her expertise with book-keeping and with owning and running a small business was recognized as an asset and she has since become our Controller.  Dianne has helped us to improve our business processes, train neophyte book-keepers and expertly streamline a PST audit.  Her mentorship is appreciated by the three principals of this engineering consultancy.

Karen E Savage, P.Eng.
Horizon Engineering Inc
North Vancouver, BC

Our firm has recommended Dianne to numerous clients seeking training on how to use Simply Accounting software and for bookkeeping services. As a result of her work, our job preparing financial statements and tax returns is much easier, making it a great win/win for our team and hers, and for our client’s alike! We would highly recommend Dianne and her team for your day-to-day bookkeeping needs!

Year first hired: 2005
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Gabrielle M. Loren, CGA
Loren, Nancke & Company

We recently hired Dianne to convert our accounting system from Quickbooks to Simply Accounting.  Although we were nervous of the process, Dianne expertly guided us through, making it an easy and stress free transition.  Dianne continues to assist us when needed … she’s amazing.

Cheryl Watkins
Manager, Accounting
ViaVid Broadcasting Corp.

Dianne is quite simply a Simply Accounting genius. She knows her stuff inside and out. And her wealth of experience has been invaluable to a small business like ours. Plus she is a pleasure to work with: smart, efficient, analytical and direct. We highly recommend her services.

Alix Cameron & Cindy Ball
The Original Smart Ass Gals

When I first incorporated my company in 2006, I outsourced my bookkeeping duties to Soma. Dianne came in and completely reorganized and updated our entire bookkeeping system, a much needed change indeed.    Shortly thereafter she took over controllership duties as well and my business almost instantly became more profitable, I am now able to tell at a glance where I stand fiscally.

Dianne Mueller is extremely disciplined in bookkeeping practices and understands the Simply Accounting software better than anyone I’ve ever met. My business can be somewhat diverse and complicated but she finds ways to keep me on track and correct in an accounting perspective.  I enjoy working with her and her staff and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Dianne and Soma Small Business Solutions.

Wayne Jackson, President
International Tire Repair Solutions Inc.
West Vancouver, BC Canada

When I began my first business, I had a bookkeeper but no clue about accounting principles. I called on Dianne to help with a Simply Accounting problem that my bookkeeper and I couldn’t figure out on our own. After the first meeting I knew I wanted Dianne on my team. Somehow she was able to convey principles and ideas to me in a way I was previously unable to hear, so I asked her to become my controller. Bravely, she agreed and began investing in my learning curve, which accelerated under her teaching. Before long, I was up to speed on all I needed to know about keeping the books organized, and the longer we worked together the closer we got and the more Dianne helped contribute to my business planning and strategizing.

Years of experience with her own businesses contributes to her ability to relate to and prosper her clients. I recently sold my first business and drew from Dianne greatly during that process. Essentially she saw me through all the twists and turns of a business growing up and becoming sellable, and now I have a second business that Dianne has helped us launch in both Canada and the USA. Everywhere she goes she leaves deposits of wisdom and encouragement and she empowers people like me to grow and prosper. My businesses are definitely stronger because of her.

Helen Akerly
Founder, Healthy Hound Whole Pet Food Inc.
Owner, Whole Hound Inc.

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