Hire A Bookkeeper not a House Cleaner

Hire a bookkeeper who is not trained and you will have a real problem on your hands. I’m always surprised at small business owners that ask their receptionist to be the bookkeeper as well. It’s kind of like asking your house cleaner to clean up toxic waste. The house cleaner can clean up the spill however; how will she/he know how to go about doing it safely? How will they know who to notify and what equipment to use? How would she/he know how to determine how dangerous it is? What government or legal obligations they have to report the spill to? What if she/he just threw out the rags into the regular garbage, putting herself and everyone else at risk?

If they can’t tell you what equity is or how accounting systems use debits and credits in equal amounts to balance an entry, they don’t belong anywhere near your books.

Lots of people have used Quickbooks or Simply Accounting, but do they understand what they are doing in the program? Both of these software programs are user-friendly and can lead to a false sense of ability. A professional bookkeeper will be associated with a bookkeeping association. Such as The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada.

Check their references.

Does the bookkeeper have experience in your industry? Or are you willing to teach them? If the candidate for your job has 10 years experience in retail bookkeeping but has never touched a set of books for your type of business, be prepared that there will be a learning curve.

Dianne Mueller,CPB SACC

Soma Small Business Solutions


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