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My Tips & Tricks when using the Multiple Warehouse tracking tool in Sage 50 Canadian Edition.

Sage 50 Canadian Edition allows small businesses to keep track of inventory stored at more than one location, for example at home in the basement or at different store locations.

Some business will have regional warehouses to cut back on shipping and or importing exporting cost. It can be very helpful to know what inventory is where to expedite deliveries, shipping and re-ordering of goods.

Drop shipments become manageable by creating a supplier as one of your warehouse locations which then allows you to ship direct from factory to customer.  Transferring between locations can also be done using the Inventory Adjustments & Transfers window. This fantastic feature is in the Premium and Quantum versions of the software.

Be careful with this powerful feature, once a location gets used in a transaction, it cannot be removed or made inactive. Locations cannot be turned off. If you want to edit location codes, be sure to do so before performing any transactions. You can set up as many as 100 locations.

To turn on: Go to the Inventory & Services Settings – Locations
The Product Analysis report is found off the reports menu on the home screen. Go down to Forecast & Analysis and then Analysis and click on Product Analysis. Depending on your selections in this window you will be able to return valuable detailed information on your inventory by warehouse location.

Dianne Mueller

Certified Sage 50 Trainer

Soma Small Business Solutions

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In some jurisdictions, it is the contractor’s responsibility to confirm that their subs have coverage under Workers Compensation. Use on of the Additional Info fields in @Sage50CDN vendor record and enter the expiry date in YYMMDD format. You can then prepare and sort the vendor list with the Additional info field to track the expiry dates. @IPBC_Canada