Monthly Archives: October 2011

Some Fantastic NEW Features in Sage Simply Accounting 2012

Hide Accounts with zero balances on Financial Statements

As a Sage Simply Accounting Consultant I have been frustrated many times with having to go into each account and individually click on “omit from financial statement if the balance is zero”. A time- consuming task that has been eliminated with the release of 2012 by one click in the financial statement reporting windows.

Print Cheque Log from Previous Year

Having a list of cheques that were processed at the end of your fiscal year can be very helpful in reconciling in your new fiscal year. Before the release of 2012 you were not able to review or print a cheque log for the previous fiscal year. Troubleshooting just got a lot easier.

Calculate Withholding on Payroll Advances
The new Sage Simply Accounting 2012 release calculates the appropriate withholding amounts automatically when you issue an advance to an employee. This was done to be compliant with Canada Revenue Agency requirements to withhold statutory deductions from Advances.

Dianne Mueller
Certified Professional Bookkeeper
Certified Sage Simply Accounting Consultant
Certified Sage Trainer