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Definition of a High Maintenance Client (via K Grass Business Consulting)

Just read Definition of a High Maintenance Client (via K Grass Business Consulting) very sound advice for all of us that hold on to clients for too long.

Definition of a High Maintenance Client What is a high maintenance client? Is it someone who makes unreasonable requests or demands? Is it someone who doesn’t respect your time or your efforts? How about someone who tells you what they want and then complains after you give it to them. They sometimes will say that they wanted something completely different and accuse you of not following instructions. A high maintenance client can be all of these things and more. The real question is h … Read More

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Bookkeeping provides a precise map to take your business to the next level. (via Soma Small Business Solutions)

It is imperative to invest a little of that start-up money on quality and accurate bookkeeping. You’ll be on top of the game and the competition with a simple click of a button or a phone call to your bookkeeper. Your financial statement and month end reports fulfill the checklist of a well managed company for all stakeholders. Monitoring the progress of your business from the beginning stages is critical for new businesses to grow. Foreseeing th … Read More

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No Debit & Credit Needed to use Simply Accounting Transfer Funds Feature (via Soma Small Business Solutions)

The Transfer Funds feature in Simply Accounting by Sage  quickly records a transfer of funds to or from your credit card, bank, or line of credit accounts without you having to know which one is a debit and which one is a credit.             i.      In the Home window, click Banking on the navigation pane.             ii.      In the Tasks pane, click the Transfer Funds icon. Enter a transaction Date. If you are using a foreign currency, select t … Read More

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Self-employment and tax obligations “What you might not know”. (via Soma Small Business Solutions)

When making the transition to working for yourself, you will find that you must worry about a lot of tax obligations that weren't your problem when you worked for someone else. New Small Business Owners learn that they're responsible for twice as much CPP as they paid when they were employees. And they must make quarterly instalments to Canada Revenue Agency on the estimate profits that they are making in their business. They also learn that they … Read More

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