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Did you know …Multiple Warehouse Location Tracking is in Simply Accounting.

Simply Accounting by Sage allows small businesses to keep track of inventory stored at more than one location, for example, at home in the basement, or at different store locations. Some businesses will have regional warehouses to cut back on shipping costs. It can be very helpful to know what inventory is where to expedite deliveries, shipping and re-ordering of goods. Drop shipments become manageable by creating a supplier as one of your warehouse locations allowing you to ship direct from factory to customer. Inventory Reports can be grouped by location and transferring between locations can be done using the Inventory Adjustments & Transfers window. This fantastic feature is in the Premium or higher versions.

 Be careful with this powerful feature, once a location gets used in a transaction, it cannot be removed or made inactive. Locations cannot be turned off. If you want to edit location codes, be sure to do so before performing any transactions for them. You can set up as many as 100 locations. Sage recommends a max of 10 locations as the database would have 10 times as many inventory items as they all get duplicated per location even if you don’t have any stock in a particular location.


Dianne Mueller

Soma Small Business Solutions

The Daily Business Manager gets routine bookkeeping tasks done in seconds

 While Simply Accounting by Sage 2010 represents many enhancements, one of my favorite features as been around for quite a few upgrades now.

 The Daily Business Manager can help you complete routine bookkeeping tasks more efficiently. If you choose to have the DBM open up whenever you start the program, you can complete many transactions right from that window saving a lot of time for the small business owner! You might even have time to take on another client.

 To automatically display or hide the Daily Business Manager when starting Simply Accounting or after changing the session date:

  1. In the Home window on the Setup menu, choose User Preferences.
  2. Click the “View” tab.
  3. In the Daily Business Manager section, check either “At Startup” or “After Changing Session Date” (or both) to add or remove the check mark that indicates that the Daily Business Manager will be displayed.

Under the “Business Assistant” tab on the Home page you will find a drop down to open the DBM. Once the DBM opens up, look under “View” then “Options” and put a check in the boxes for the events you wish to perform right from the DBM screen.

Whenever you start up Simply Accounting, review the items on each tab of the To-Do-List.

  • All payments due can be processed by putting a check mark in the post column. This posts the payment in seconds and sets it up to be batch printed. (Remember to turn on batch printing.)
  • Any Recurring Sales Transaction can also be checked, printed, and processed in one easy step.

This is an incredible feature for rent rolls or membership renewals to be preformed quickly and efficiently on the first day of each month.

 To make any adjustments that you need with payment invoices or sales invoices, click on a particular transaction while in the DBM, the window will open up, make the adjustment you need and process the transaction. Simply will return to the To-Do-List for the next task.

 Dianne Mueller

Soma Small Business Solutions

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